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Devil Doll. Queen Of Pain

i’m the queen of pain, i can make it thunder and rain,
i can turn the clouds black in the sky,
i can put all those tears in your eyes.
i’ll even never wave goodbye cause i’m the queen of pain.
i won’t hear their names, cause the voices are always the same,
the places, the chaces, the interchangable face are skratching me,
attaching, so round imbinding, how can i care if it’s not you?
you smile at the things that i do,
and then you say i’m as cold as november.
oh you say i’m as cold as november.

things will never be the same,
and i will never give you back your name,
cause i earned it with you under my skin,
but it’s my fault for letting you in.
i’ve betrayed you and it should be a sin,
cause then you banter you’re as cold as november,
oh i say you’re as cold as november.

you left when i was crying,
and i was crying everytime you left,
oh but ain’t it kind of funny how you weren’t laughing when i left.

so who’s the real king of pain?
i’m trying to forget your name,
but you show up wherever i go,
you’re smile lurking in my shadow.
oh please why don’t you just let me go,
cause i don’t want to remember how it was in may,
cause now it’s the month of november.
that was may, but now it’s the month of november,
you’re favorite time of year.
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